Yelton, Inc. Products

Casting Picker
24” – 36”

Asphalt / Concrete Cooky Picker
24” – 60” Cuts

  • Shovel cutting in areas across from each other to an 8” depth (shovel is furnished)
  • Loosen set bolt on yellow sliding clamp structure
  • Place in areas that were shoveled out.
  • Take chain & chain binder and clamp the 2 yellow clamp structures together.
  • With cables, pick up Picker and remove circular cut material
  • To remove picker from material:
    • Remove chain binder
    • Loosen and back away yellow clamping structure
    • Tighten set bolts and lift picker
  • Picker is ready for next pick

Debris Catcher

Objective: Keep material from entering the manhole basin.