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Final Laser Grading Services

Laser Controlled Dozer Blade Attachment with the ability of + or - 1/4" control width of blade 8' vibatory roller for compaction available.

Production rates have exceeded 2500 sq. ft. per hour

Service rate based on:

Area and Services performed
Starting $.10-.20 per sq. ft.
Compaction Provided by customer

Mobilization 15 miles beyond Albany will be based on $1.00 per mile.


Cat 239D with 15" wide tracks -
Yelton Inc. Lazer Controlled Dozer Blade
72" Vibatory Roller

Final Laser Grading Services


Final Laser Grading Services
Final Laser Grading Services

Final Laser Grading Services
Final Laser Grading Services

Basic Specification of the Laser Dozer Attachment

  • 6 Foot Wide Basic Dozer Attachment

  • (2) 1 Foot Blade Extention Total 8 Foot Blade

  • Low Flow Hydraulic System

  • 12 Volts from Battery

  • Bolt on Cutting Edge

  • Dual 8" Travel Dozer Cylinders

    Customer's Choice of Control System

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Laser Dozer Attachment

Cutting Compacted Surface

Laser Dozer Attachment

Fill Grading Working with Dump Trucks

Filling over Vapor Barrier

Control System

  • Leica Grade Smart

  • Cross Slope Sensors

  • Tri Sonic Sensors (Sidewalk Grading)

  • Laser Receiver Sensors

  • 3D & GPS Compatible

  • Grading Tolerances of 1/8th of an inch

Laser Dozer Attachment

Subgrade Grading with Excavator

Laser Dozer Attachment

Final Grading Preparation for Asphalt Paving

Laser Dozer Attachment

Over 100,000 sq. ft. footing supported building slab footing on 10' centers

Laser Dozer Attachment

20,000 sq. ft. material in place

Laser Dozer Attachment

80,000 sq. ft. 6" of 3/4" over vapor barrier pad with dump trucks

Laser Dozer Attachment

160,000 sq. ft. four field soccer field - drainage in two directions, planting mix over drainage and irrigation system

Laser Dozer Attachment

5,000 sq. ft. material in place, compacted, cut to grade

Serving the Mid-Willamette Valley - Salem • Albany • Eugene