Plastihyd Concrete Additive for Volumetric Mixers
- Concrete Volumetric Admixture

 Benefits of Plastihyd Concrete Additive
  • Improves concrete flowability and plasticity
  • Complete hydration reduces mix water needed
  • Gives additional air content
  • Reduces the amount of bleed water
  • Cost effective, about 25 cents per yard
  • Non-caustic
  • Added through low flow additive system
  • Long shelf life
  • Compatible with other add mixtures if introduced properly
  • Available in cases (4 x 1 gallon bottles) and in 55 gallon drums
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What is Plastihyd?
Plastihyd is an anionic surfactant. Surfactants are surface active ingredients designed to release the surface tension of water to enable better saturation and percolation throughout a substrate. Example: water in soil. If a surfactant is used, water will penetrate to more surface area and deeper into the soil thus supplying more nourishment to plants and grasses. In concrete a similar phenomenon occurs. Plastihyd when combined in a batch of cement, water, sand and aggregate, allows the water to penetrate this substrate more effectively getting more water to circulate within the batch. This reduces the amount of water necessary to wet all portions of the mix, thereby reducing mixing time and the amount of air caused by mixing. The result is a more workable product with faster setting times, and less air.

Air testing is an accurate method of determining the correct dosage of Plastihyd throughout the mix. Air tests ranging between 5-6% would represent a recommended air content. Below 5% will make the concrete more susceptible to freeze/thaw failure. The mixture will become harsher and have excessive bleed water. Above 6% will reduce strength and extend finishing time.

The correct dosage depends on the moisture and quality of the aggregate being used in the mix and the type of cement. A starting point would be 1 part Plastihyd to 8 parts water (winter) or 11 parts (summer). Use 1-2 oz. of the diluted material per sack of concrete. In other words, a 5 gallon pail of Plastihyd treats approximately 680 cubic yards, and a 55 gallon drum treats 7480 cubic yards. At current pricing it would cost less than 25¢ per cubic yard to use.

Plastihyd has been marketed since 1973, and widely used throughout the east and west coasts as well as Canada and Australia. The product is very stable and will not separate in storage. Plastihyd does not contain calcium or chlorides in any form. It is non-caustic (pH 6-8), and biodegradable.

What Plastihyd did for me!
In 1974 I established a mobile mixer concrete delivery service in Eugene, Oregon. I was in my early 30s with past employment in construction equipment sales. Successful and able to finance the startup of this new venture, the mobile delivery service got started. The features and advantages over the drum mixer were very valuable, but I found out early on that I didn’t know much about concrete.

As the new kid in town, I had to prove myself and perform. The reaction to my concrete was not that positive. The concrete I produced passed the test for strength, but the mix was boney looking and had excessive bleed water. This is a trait of a mobile mixer, due to the short mixing cycle. I had to do something to make my product look and work more like the drum mixer’s concrete.

Along came a representative from Plastihyd and the rest is history. The concrete was more uniform in mix and the bleed water was reduced significantly. I started getting compliments from the “old timers” that they liked my “mud” (concrete). From 1974 until 1993, I enjoyed and was prosperous in the concrete business and branched out to building and assembling mobile mixers. Next, I went on to other ventures such as conveyor trucks and remote drive systems and finally putting all that aside in 2006. Well I can tell you I’m not one to retire, so what better thing could I do than be a Plastihyd representative and be able to enjoy passing my past successes on to others. Maybe I can help you.

I spend approximately 80% of my time on the road, but can always be reached through my cell phone number:
541-915-3636 anytime 24/7.